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eCommerce and Affiliate Marketing Consultant

I am Steve Lownds, and I have worked in the UK affiliate and e-Commerce industry for over 20 years. I design and deploy e-Commerce and affiliate strategies that encourage positive reactions from customers and incremental returns for your business.

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What I Do

I use my experience of Affiliate Marketing and e-Commerce to develop new, high performing e-Commerce and affiliate campaigns or bring dormant or abandoned websites back to life.

Mobile Specialist

I have worked in the Mobile industry since 2007. Working for mobile networks and third party resellers, I have rebuilt affiliate and e-Commerce strategies from the ground up and set the groundwork for award winning marketing campaigns that continue to this day.

Affiliate Tracking and attribution

Did you know most affiliate programs have some sort of quirk or compromise that could lead to incorrect payments to valued marketing partners?
As an affiliate since 1998 and head of operations at a major UK affiliate network I have been exposed to a lot of tracking and attribution strategies and I use that experience to identify possible weak spots or oversights.

I can help:

  • Affiliates to understand if they are being correctly rewarded for their efforts
  • Merchants to implement a safe, fair tracking environment for all of their sales.

Can you help my site?

If you have a website that has been inactive for some time then we could help you to reactivate and monetise it . There are some requirements – I don’t wield a magic wand that can turn any old website into a brand new money making machine, but if you have a site that used to perform well and still covers a relevant topic then please get in touch.

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I actively operate and maintain these sites for Multiplicit ltd and on behalf of clients.

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